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Equality Tub is reglazing company, specializes in bathtub, tile, vanity and countertop refinishing. Our professional and properly trained stuff will provide you the highest level of service. We refinish, resurface, reglaze, restore, repair and recolor all types of surfaces! Including: porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, grout, laminate, formica, metals, plastics, and wood.

Equality Tub is committed to delivering High Quality results at reasonable and competitive prices. Our team uses only the greatest technology, tools and skilled labor to ensure that your job is done right and to your satisfaction. All work comes with a 100% guarantee!

Equal to new is what we do

Instead of replacing you old bathtub and buying new one, with refinishing you're saving money, time and the environment. Refinish your existing bathtubs, countertops, showers, floors, tile... and make them feel and look new!

Why choose us? We offer the best price and the most trustworthy product followed by longest warranty! A minimum Two (2) up to Five (5) years full warranty on all material or manufacturing defects comes standard along with our guaranteed 100% customer service. We are experts you can trust, using the very best in refinishing products to bring you outstanding shine, ease of cleaning and unlike others, 4h hardness, meaning this is one tough coating giving you the the best in durability and a lasting shine.


Stripping an old finish off a tub, repairing and patching holes or cracks, and ventilating a room to expel the fumes produced by the refinishing process are all steps better left to a trained professional.
Process in tub refinishing is next:

  • Step One: We cut the caulk.
  • Step Two: We etch wash the tub and apply sand.
  • Step Three: The bathroom is covered with paper and plastic.
  • Step Four: The primer bonding agent is applied.
  • Step Five: We then spray three coats of primer.
  • Step Six: We’ll spray three coats or top coat paint and let stand for 24 hours.

Refinishing your bathtub will take from 2 to 4 hours, and you can use in the very next day.


Vanity and Sink surfaces are lightly etched so the new coating will adhere properly. A 3 primer coats is applied to ensure a strong bond with the new glaze. After the 3 coats of paint the your Vanity/Sink looks great and holds up well.


Counter refinishing process including countertop repair if needed. Cabinets, backsplash, fixtures and the floor should to be properly covered. At least 3 coats of primer need to be applied, resulting in a durable and new look surface.

There are several color options to go with your existing decor. Our multispec coating has flecks in it that gives the sought after look of Stone or Granite without the cost.

Ceramic Tile

  • The first step in resurfacing ceramic tiles is bathroom preparation. Vanity, sink, mirrors, tub, toilet and windows needs to be protected.
  • The second step in refinishing ceramic tile is repairing damage.
  • Next step is 3 coats of primer. After priming technician applies 3 coats of the paint.

We can do in any color by your choice even in multispec (stone accents) and your tiles could be better than a new.


Cabinets refinishing, resurfacing, and painting is just another one of our services that we offer to help you change the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom without having to replace or reface your existing cabinets. We can refinish, resurface or paint your cabinets!

Our Team

Our great team of professionals has years of experience, full commitment and a great passion for quality.

We are serving DC, Maryland and Virginia. For all your refinishing needs, please contact us via phone at 202-747-4333, or you can request a FREE quote!

Our Pricing Tables

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$**9tub refinishing

2 years warranty


$**9tub refinishing

3 years warranty


$**9tub refinishing

2 years warranty


$**9tub refinishing

5 years warranty

*Pricing may vary based on the additional work required (repairs, extra striping, etc…)

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